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OrthoSight will work with your practice to ensure that your outcomes program runs smoothly. Through the use of custom Palm questionnaires, dynamic reporting tools, and unlimited technical support, OrthoSight will work with your staff to set up the outcomes program that fits your practice's needs. To further insure your satisfaction, we offer the following services:

  • Easy Installation - Your practice simply needs to pick the surveys and reports which will define your outcomes program. Once this selection process is complete, OrthoSight will do the rest. Your practice simply needs to sync your Palms and log on to our website to get started.

  • Database Administration - When MedTrak receives the collected information, we will verify the integrity of the data and complete the merging process. This will allow physicians to view and analyze their data without having to directly administrate their database.

  • Outcomes Modification - Over time, a practice may want to change the surveys or reports which they are using in their outcomes program. Our software is dynamic enough to make such requests possible. Whether you want to introduce a new survey to your patients, tweak existing questions, or add new reports, we can make it happen. Simply contact an OrthoSight representative, then sync your Palms when the modifications are complete, and your new outcomes program will be ready to use.

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