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Once outcomes data has been collected, it is crucial that doctors have some means by which to analyze and understand their information. In order to fulfill this need, MedTrak allows physicians to view their data either as reports or through data analysis software.

As a simple but effective way to present data, we offer custom reports which graph any information requested by our users. These reports can be modified, saved, and exported, allowing a user to track their information over an extended period of time.

MedTrak also offers a powerful piece of software which allows for real-time analysis of a userís data. Although the program is for advanced users, once learned it is a powerful data analysis tool which allows a user to query, view, and understand their data in almost any way imaginable over the internet. This technology will allow doctors to interact with their data in ways previously impossible, and add even more incentive to collect outcomes data in the future.

Click here to demo the data analysis tools which we offer.

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