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The most challenging aspect of any outcomes program is collecting the data. Without the proper tools and procedures, capturing information from either patients or doctors can be a time consuming, inefficient, and expensive process.

OrthoSight uses Palm based handheld devices to administer surveys. Patient questions are presented in a simple, easy to read format. Answers are given by touching the screen on the desired response. Thus far, thousands of patients, many with little or no computer experience, have successfully completed surveys administered on the Palm. Click here for a sample Palm Survey.

Doctors can also use the Palm to collect information. Depending on the nature of the information being collected and the computer experience of the physician, different combinations of buttons, slide bars, and pop-up boxes are used to capture data.

There are two main advantages to using Palms:
  • By using Palm devices to collect information, practices can ask virtually any combination of questions and answers. This means that if a doctor wants to collect information that no other physicians in the country are collecting, our system makes it possible.

  • Using a Palm system also makes the data entry process more efficient. Once data has been collected, a practice simply has to sync each Palm to get the data where it needs to go. Instead of spending hours each day re-entering paper based surveys, your time can be spent doing more important things.

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